I will say that there is free will, but then what people can do is align their will with the will of the creator, so that they are automatically guided and feeling what is right for them on all levels. What I will say though is that there is such a thing as being out of alignment – doing things which harm others and learning the hard way – but many people who are very spiritual choose to align to the creator’s will and allow this to flow through their body, and according to what they feel from this, they act. So what you can ultimately do is fully merge on all levels with the crater, and then you will be automatically in alignment. But for some people, what they do is they create a lot of karma by going with what they desire and making it happen by force of will – by chasing after something, rather than seeing what they want and then letting go, and letting it be given to them in the right way. I hope this makes sense.

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