I would would like you to know that what I see is that when you die everything you have experienced in this lifetime goes with you, and the information in your DNA is also going to be kept with you. What happens to this information is that it is made into energy – it is something that you carry in your vibration, and then when you next incarnate you are going to attract the right person to come through, according to this vibration. DNA is very important, because it contains imprints of energy, and those imprints will resonate with certain people, certain lineages. What I will say is that ultimately that information you carry with you and as you evolve a lot you are automatically transforming your DNA, so when you change whilst in physical incarnation your DNA changes as well. Certain parts of your DNA which were perhaps active, certain genetic codes which perhaps made certain illnesses active, can be deactivated, but in the same way what can also happen is that you can create new frequencies, and you can even create new illnesses which weren’t in your lineage before. As you work on the physical plane towards purifying your being your DNA does actually change, and so when you leave your body you will have a new vibration that you take with you, which will then determine what type of family you’ve incarnated into in your next life.

For those of you who feel shortchanged by your families, who feel that your family does not reflect who you are, I would like to say something additional to give you peace of mind, and that is it is not only about DNA – it is also about choices you make on a higher level and people do choose to incarnate into certain lineages to purify them, because they actually have a very good vibration to offer to that lineage. So do not feel dismayed if you feel your family lineage is not quite right for you, because it may be the case that you have come in to purify your lineages.

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