What I will say here is that it is the same ultimately. Being enlightened is about being free, free of anything that occurs on the Earth plane, being able to transcend it, and by this I do not mean to simply ignore the pain of what you are feeling, but I am speaking about being able to go into your pain and transform it with the light, and transform your situation. So it is all about a being a master of your life, of yourself, and whatever occurs being able to transform it until you are able to really create the life of your dreams that you want deep inside, and then from this place it is all about knowing that whatever is in your life or isn’t there is simply all about what you focus on. So it is about also not taking yourself too seriously and your life too seriously – it is about knowing that ultimately you are beyond all that is around you materially, physically, all that is manifest – you are able to master it all, create your own reality, but also ultimately be free of being affected by what is or isn’t there. I hope this makes sense, that it is ultimately about being able to enjoy what is there, to feel it fully and completely, and also feel the pain of life, but also being in that part of you that is not affected by it, and being able to stay very much in your centre and create new realities from that place. That is the best way I can put it.

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