Atlantis existed a very long time ago, a very long time before it was even in any way documented in terms of the way the current dating system is, so what I will say is that it was a time when when things were very different, there was a very high energy in Atlantis, and it existed in a particular part of the world which is known to you as a place that exists at the moment, but it was not in precisely in the same location. What I will say about Atlantis is that it was a place where there was a lot of high energy, and a lot of very powerful people all competing with each other for power. They were all very empowered people – strong and mighty people. Not everyone lived in Atlantis – only a select few in fact – a lot of people who are part of the New Age movement are Atlanteans because Atlanteans are very drawn to energy work, they have a lot of understanding of energy matter transforming from the inside using processes which are very specialised. There is a lot of Atlantean knowledge around at the moment, and what happened ultimately is that there was a fight for power, and destruction happened because as people were fighting there was a lot of energy that was clashing, and it ultimately created something that meant that the whole of Atlantis was destroyed. The way this happened is that the chaotic energies which were also very high all collided, and there was some accident, and it involved some technology that was broken, and it destroyed everything, a bit like an atomic bomb would do in this day and age. Something very similar to this happened, and I will say that when it did happen there was a lot of chaos, a lot of loss of life, and ultimately the whole civilisation was destroyed. I would also like to share with you that the precise physical location is found somewhere that is no longer in one way or another having a physical place in terms of having land there, but it is found in the oceans, and the precise location would be in the depths of the oceans. That is what I see.

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