I will say that it is a combination – so there are two things going on, and one is that you have an earthly self, a part of you that has your own desires, and wishes, and wants – your body, your being, your karma as well – everything that is personal to you. And then there is something beyond this – that includes you, but is beyond this, and what this part does is that it creates in another way, that it has its own energy, its own flow and consciousness. And what it is ultimately about is flowing with both – being aware your earthly self, and being connected to something else. When you are disconnected, what you create will not sustain you – it is something that you create from your ego and your egoic needs and wants, but it does not really correlate with everything else going on in life. It does not connect, so it will not last long, or if it does, it will take from you in one way or another. When you are connecting to the oneness, everything you want and need is taken into account, and when you flow with this energy, you will get everything you want in the right way.

What I will say is some people have no connection to source, and they create lives based on what they want, which ultimately leads to disaster, destruction for everyone. And other people are very much about letting go of their personal self and going with the flow – and these people ultimately find that their needs are not met on a personal level.

The best way to be is to acknowledge all your needs, and desires, and wants, and then to let them go – to put them into the light, and one way to do this is to acknowledge what you feel and want in your body, and then allow the light in, and let yourself be in this light, and then when you flow with this light within everything you have ever wanted will come to you. I hope this makes sense.