I will say that forgiveness is like the final part – it is not the first part. What I will say about forgiveness is that first you have to heal yourself – you have to put yourself back together, you have to make sure you are okay. What Mary wants you to know is that in her eyes, forgiveness is actually about firstly forgiving yourself for whatever you feel you have done – perhaps even forgiving yourself for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, forgiving yourself for not being able to look after your own energy, have boundaries – whatever it is, and she says – don’t worry about forgiving others, forgive you self and mend yourself on the inside, make yourself whole. And when you are well, it is automatic that you are forgiving others. It is not something you have to do – it just happens. She’s saying that it is all about you forgiving your part, and life will take care of the rest, because when you acknowledge your part and heal yourself, then what happens is that other people will acknowledge their part and heal themselves. There is no one for you to forgive – it is only yourself.

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