Emotions have a way of impacting someone, so that they are able to see what is really going on – they are able to see what they really feel in terms of a situation, a person, and the real problem is when emotions have built up over time. But when someone is very much in touch with their feelings all the time, their feelings/emotions can be a powerful way of letting them know what is good for them and what is not. But where there has been a lot of buildup then it is mainly about clearing the system first, before you are able to really have an accurate gauge of what is going on through your feelings alone.

What I will say is that it is not necessarily about using emotions as a primary gauge in all things in life – it is about becoming aware of what you are feeling, working with your emotions, letting them run through you, and go into the light, and then you are able to see clearly. It is about feeling what you feel, and appreciating that there is a message there – whether it is that you are clearing something from the past, or whether it is a message about the moment. But what I will say is emotional clearing work is a very powerful way of becoming very acutely aware of what is good for you in life and what is not, because ultimately emotions are a very accurate way of knowing what is right for you. I hope this makes sense.

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