The truth is that women are fertile for a number of years, and as they age, it is more difficult to conceive – but what are also factored in are different energies that are present in the woman, so if she is very keen to have a child, her energy will reflect this, and what she will do ultimately is to do practices that enable her to keep her fertility up. What I’m really trying to say is that regardless of whether you are fertile or not, what can happen is that your desire to conceive is automatically affecting you energetically and also drawing you to different practices that increase the chances of you falling pregnant. What I’m also trying to convey is that having a strong desire is actually enough in order to conceive, even when you are a little bit older. I will also say that the practices I’m speaking of are ancient ones, where you are working with the body, its cycles and rhythms, and doing things to keep your fertility up. There are ways of doing this, but what I will say is that it is your own desire to be pregnant that will guide you to find these practices.

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