What I would like you to know is that inner work does not necessarily mean to simply be with yourself and go inside – it is about really being with what you feel, and see what you are guided to do, which may be something quite bizarre and unusual. It may be by going within you suddenly feel guided to go outside and visit a certain place, and through this you find what you need. What we say is when you go within you find what you need, and what we mean by this is when you go within you are guided to what is right for you, whether it is to simply sit and be with yourself, or whether this is something else. Be aware that at different times you need different things, but it always starts with going within, feeling out what is right, and then following this through. There is no such thing as being crystal clear without having to go through a process. We say this to everyone, that we don’t expect you to feel clear instantaneously, we’d guide you what to do in each moment, and we trust that you will follow your guidance, and through this you find more and more of what you need. Healing does take a while – it doesn’t just happen, and when you are on the road to healing you will have breakthroughs, but you will also have times when you feel heavy and alone, overwhelmed, not knowing where to go, and that is an indication you need to go within, get a sense of what you need, and then go forwards again on your healing quest. I hope this makes sense. It is a rocky road to recover from a lot of trauma, but what I will say is that it is a rewarding path, because each time you hit a rock you will find an answer and overcome it – have moments of celebration before you have your next obstacle you have to overcome. I hope this makes sense.

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