True wellness is not what you may believe it to be. It is not about being able to function on an everyday level – it is not about simply having everything you want in your life – it is much deeper than this. It is about really being in touch with who you are inside, expressing it, being who you are authentically in the world. It is about being able to know that you can have whatever you want, and choosing to have whatever is right for you by going within and feeling it from the inside, rather than simply being fanciful and looking outside, and believing you want certain things, which don’t really bring you happiness once you have them. It is about having a deeper connection to what you really, truly want inside – what is really right for you. It is about being able to stay connected to this inner place at all times. It is about being able to appreciate that life can be what you want it to be, that you have the power to create whatever you want, and it is about knowing that ultimately what you are all about is expressing who you are from the inside, and being able in this way to fully experience the fullness of your being.

The reason I’m saying all this is because when humanity has a deeper understanding of what true wellness is really about, you are able to collectively work on this, work on attaining this in terms of doing whatever is needed to get there, because what I will say is that you have all had a lot of time to create alternative realities which have not brought you fulfilment and happiness. You all know the other side of the coin. You all know what it is like to be functional, but not be happy. You all know what it is like to want to express yourself, but then feel that you are not really being who you are inside and experiencing it. You all know what it is like to live a life that is not truly who you are inside, and to feel the dissatisfaction that arises from that, feeling also misunderstood, because you are not really expressing your true self. And you all know what it is like to feel that you are wanting something you cannot have, and then going deeper and realising that perhaps what you have been wanting has been there all along, but you have been avoiding going there, inside, such as wanting love and then going within and finding it, or wanting to feel that you are not alone, and then going within and finding a deeper connection to yourself, which automatically attracts connection with others. You know what it is like to live in another reality, and I see that collectively you have all come to a point of recognising what it really means to be well. There is not one person who does not recognise this, or who will not when this is spoken aloud by many, and because of this there really is a new vibration that is already here on Earth, and as you express what you have to offer to life, people will feel it inside and want it – particularly those of you who are all about bringing greater wellness to life.

I am saying all this to inspire you – to inspire you to focus on this at the moment, to focus on your wellness, and offering as you feel like it what brings others wellness, to go within and find out more about yourself and what you are really about, to sink into these parts, and then from these parts be very much about what you have to offer as well. Because it will be a combination of this – a combination of offering what you have – and also being open to receiving what brings you greater wellness that will bring you to what you most desire on all levels in an earthly way. It will bring you to the place you want to be in life, wherever that is – whether it is a certain destination you want to be living, whether it is in a certain way – but it will always be a combination of receiving and giving that gets you there, which is ultimately being in the flow of life.

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