Working with the shadow is going to really help you to go forwards without feeling hijacked by life. I would like each one of you to give some attention to the shadow parts of your being and life, to make sure that you are clearing what is necessary, rather than avoid going there, and by giving attention to shadow in a way where you are literally making sure that you are not at the mercy of it, you are able to automatically keep going forwards.

Shadow work is very similar to working with the pain body, but it means that you are going deeper – you are really getting into what is really going on, without actually getting involved. The way to do this is by first identifying areas of shadow in your life – for example, feeling that perhaps you are very prone to feeling misunderstood, and gossip and slander from others, or perhaps feeling at times that you are not really around people who have your back, who support you, who believe in what you do. Once you have identified shadow parts of your life you are able to get a sense of what the theme is there, and then you are able to ask the question – “where it is all coming from?” For some of you, you may get a direct answer, but for others, you may be brought the answers through life, by simply going to the right person who gives you that information, or coming across messages through life, through songs, through different things that stand out to you as you go about your day-to-day life. Once you have got a deeper understanding of what is creating the shadow, you are able to sort out the problem. For some people you really have had a lot of negative interference, and I would like you to know that when you have got involved with the wrong people, you can be in one way or another given dark energies by them, whether it is from family members you have incarnated through, and they have got involved in something dark that has followed them around, or whether it is through other people you meet in life. What I will say is that remember, whatever you find, to go deeper and deeper into it, and really get to the root cause, because once you are able to do this you can apply this to any situation – anything that is going on – and clear it.

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