I would like you to know that there are many rays – there are so many in fact, that it is not possible for us to mention every single one, but I will give you the main ones, so that you can use them.

The platinum ray is a very physical one – it can work on matter – non-living matter as well – and transform it, bring divine order to whatever it touches, but it should be used in small doses, because it can create a lot of chaos, because as you are in one way or another restoring matter to divine order it does automatically have an impact on everyone else around you, or around whatever you are bringing the ray into – so use it in small doses so you are not overwhelmed.

Another ray which is very useful is the silver ray, which is very good at being able to penetrate deeper aspects of the psyche. It has an impact on every part of the body and being – it is able to go very deep and clear emotional baggage. It resonates with a very subtle energy, but a very potent one. Use it when you feel you have some sort of emotional damage, emotional trauma going on.

And another ray that you can use in conjunction to the silver ray is the violet ray, which enables you to clear very deeply anything that you are using it on. It works particularly well when there has been a lot of coagulated energy, distorted energy that has been there for a long time, and so it helps to clear it. It is not the same as the platinum ray – it works really on many levels, not only the physical – but it is good at breaking up very stagnant energy. It is also good at working with thought forms that have got very dense and coagulated.

And finally another ray I would like to mention is something you may not be familiar with – the blue ray, which is all about bringing balance and harmony and compassion to life, and it has a very soft and gentle energy. It is very much about healing and compassion by being very much in an energy that is very gentle, that is all about deepening understanding of life, of each other. It is good at in one way or another bridging the gap between people, communication as well is on the blue ray. It is a ray that can be used to bring greater compassion and understanding between people. It really should be used more in order to communicate and bring a higher understanding of situations to people, but the deeper work is done by the other rays, and what I mean by deeper work, the very heavy energetic work is done well by the platinum, silver, and violet rays, and after enough energy has moved the blue ray can come in to bring higher understanding, compassion to life.

What I will also say is don’t ever worry about using rays in the wrong way, because if it if something is not right it simply will not work – but it will not harm you. All I can say is that with the platinum ray, simply use it in small doses, because although it will never harm you, you can end up feeling overwhelmed if you use it for too long a periods. That is all.

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