The answer to this is quite simple, that you can repair eyesight – you really can – but the way to do this is not obvious. It is not so much about taking supplements, or doing particular exercises – it is more about giving your eyes a rest, giving them a break, allowing your eyes to repair themselves. The reason eyes deteriorate with age is that they are used a lot, and they are not given enough nourishment, and the sort of nourishment they really need is to have a good rest, to have times when you are really not using them at all, and letting them be replenished. One way of doing this is to be in places where there is low lighting and letting your eyes really rest in this, or perhaps even sitting in a dark room, and then putting a mask – a face mask – on your eyes, and letting your eyes just rest; perhaps doing a meditation, where you are nourishing your eyes from the inside, directing the light of oneness to this area. What I’m really trying to say is that the eyes are a very used part of your body – something you use every day, apart from when you sleep, and the reason they do deteriorate also is because you take it for granted, that they will function well even when the circumstances around you are not good for them in all ways, such as artificial lighting, such as other things that may make them feel stressed out. I will say one more thing about eyesight, and that is there is a psychological factor here as well, because sometimes people get fed up of seeing all the time – they get fed up of what they see, so surround yourself with beautiful things, with beauty, so this will encourage you to want to see clearly on a psychological level. That is all.

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