I see the future being very bright. There is a lot going on at the moment, but it will all be dismantled. Everything that is happening that is not in alignment will be dismantled and a new world is being born. You will find that there is a lot of light in the future on Earth, a lot of alignment, harmony – so much that it will amaze you how aligned people are, how kind, how generous, how much people see others clearly. You will have to catch up, update your software, rather than the other way round – that amount of alignment will really astound people to such an extent that they will sometimes wonder if they have got things a bit wrong, if they have misunderstood something for a long time, because they will start to see that really people are very kind, good, very much in the heart and spirit, and people who have been suspicious of others, paranoid, perhaps believing that people are doing things they are not, will have to update themselves, and they will stand out from the crowd – that they will start to really show up as being wounded, and people will help them to catch up.

So things are turning around – that the people who are in the light will be the ones who will be normal, and people who are not will be immediately seen for who they are – as wounded, needing assistance and help, and they will be well catered for. Nobody will be judged, but people will be tended to when they need it. That is all.