What I would like to share is that your personal self is affected by many things, many energies which are incoming. It is affected by the people around you, it is affected by what is going on in the world generally, it is affected by everything you have been through in this life and other lives. However, your cosmic self is unaffected by these things in the same way – your cosmic self is able to maintain momentum, a sense of what it is all about, regardless of circumstances. What I would like all of you to be able to do is stay centred in your cosmic selves, and allow this to inform your personal self about what is going on. What I will say is that problems occur in life when your personal self is disconnected from your cosmic self, so the problem is not necessarily that you have problems; the problem is not necessarily that there are incoming negative energies in your life; the problem is not about that you are with the wrong people – the problem is always that there has been a disconnection between your cosmic self in parts of your personal self, because when you are in connection with your cosmic self it automatically informs you about what is really going on, it helps you to make the right decisions, to make changes in your life that assist you to be more and more who you are in your cosmic self on Earth.

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