The answer to this is that it can be shifted very fast – not in one go, but fast. The best way of dealing with the pain body is to go as deep as you can, to really go deep, and then identify themes, and work with themes rather than individual circumstances. When you do this you clear a lot very fast – it is never going to be that you clear the whole pain body in one go, but certainly you can clear themes in one go. Most of you only have a few themes, and if you really get to the bottom of them you can clear them in one go, and when they come up again, imprints which are left over, you can repeat the same process. The reason many of you have suffered a long time is not because you have not been able to do this, but it is because you were still in certain cycles that you were going through and you had not yet stepped out, and you did not go into the theme – you only start going into themes when you have ended cycles. So actually the fact that you are going to themes, getting to the root, is a sign a karmic cycle has ended, because when you are in a cycle you just don’t do that – you keep going forward on the Earth plane, and that is a sign you are in a cycle – whether it is a good one or negative one. I hope this makes sense. For those of you who have stopped and done a lot of inner work it is a sign that you have been at the end of a cycle for a long time, you have been tying up loose ends, clearing out energy that has got stuck in you.

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