What I will say in answer to this is that some souls have a harder path, but it is because they may have a larger purpose, or it may be because they have not been in alignment for a while, but for some souls they have a difficult path really because what has happened over lifetimes is that they have lost energy, they have lost power for various reasons – sometimes through no fault of their own, through circumstance. What I will say is whether your path is – hard or difficult – it is not a reflection of who you are in spirit in terms of how high you are – it is a reflection of many things that may have occurred, one of which is choosing to be the light in darkness and choosing difficult lives in order to bring light in the darkest of situations; another is you have lost energy over lifetimes; another is that you have not been in alignment for a long time and now have to find your way back to alignment, and you have created difficulties by being out of harmony with the light within; and another one, which many of you here actually have, is that you are going to find a way of expressing your life purposes in a big way that will help many people, and in order to do this you have needed to have certain experiences that have enabled you to understand on deeper levels the problems people face. So this is a bit like being the light in dark places, but also different – it is that you have chosen certain challenges in order to give people hope, to inspire them, to show them that anything is possible. What I will say is many people in this group are in this category, where you really have taken on a lot in order to overcome it, because you have got a lot of knowledge, a lot of spiritual spiritual experience over many lifetimes of being able to transcend difficulties and stay in the light. Those of you who have really gone very far spiritually do often choose to come into families that have lots of problems, in order to have a challenge and show others how to overcome difficulties. That is all.

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