Betrayal is always the result of not seeing something clearly, of some false perception you may have had about someone, or they have may have had about you, and then felt disappointed, and then betrayed you. What I will say it is always about false perception either in you, or the other person, or both. I hope this makes sense – that sometimes people betray each other because they decide that what they have is not really what they want, or sometimes it is simply the person has a pattern of betraying others in order to have their own needs met – but whatever has happened between you and others it is ultimately a sign that whoever betrayed you was not right for you. They were not right to have in your life, or perhaps they have such a strong pattern in their life of betraying others that they are not able to be any other way, and in this way, without them altering the pattern, the person or people will never be right for you.

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