I would like to speak about the purpose of enlightenment, what it can be used for in life. It is good for you to know that there is a difference between earthly usefulness and being spiritually useful. There is such a thing as simply holding energy, being in your own light and grounding it fully, and holding this for other people. And what I mean by this is that when you are fully grounding your own light you are automatically going to be helping those who come to you, because what you will find is that according to what people need from you, you will have the right energy to give them.

So I will give an example here. When someone is fully grounded in their own light, when someone comes and they have an urgent need they are able to have the right response, even if that is to say that they do not have what the person needs, but what they can do is guide them to the right people or the right kind of people. So part of holding your own light is being able to know what is right to do in each and every moment, and this automatically helps others to find what is right for them.

It is good for you to know that part of this is also about being in a state where you are automatically centered in the light of oneness, and through this you help other people to be centered in their own light. There is something about light which is contagious – when you are in it other people automatically go into that place as well. It is a contagious energy, so when you are grounded in your own light in each and every moment you are helping others to do the same.

Something else that you are automatically doing is grounding a higher frequency of light on earth, and what I mean by this is that everything in life has a frequency – everything in life has a particular vibration, and when you are in your own frequency, and when you are fully grounded in this it has a very high vibration, because when you are attuning to your own source connection and groundedness on earth. It is the light of oneness that is grounded, and automatically the vibration of the earth is being raised by it, so you are automatically raising the vibration around you, and also of the planet, which enables people to then be in a higher energy state, and to receive insights from source more easily, to be inspired, to also be acting more in integrity with who they really are. It helps people to have automatic realisations about what the truth is in each and every situation, it inspires people to do greater things, it inspires many things, whatever the person is doing will then be elevated when they are in a higher frequency environment.

There is one more thing that you automatically do by grounding your own light, and that is you find that you are more effective in your everyday activities, so everything you do you do in a higher energy state, so it is more effective, it is more going to have an impact on other people in a positive way. That is all.

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