I would like to speak about ancient civilisations. It is good for you to be aware that there have been many civilisations that have existed before the ones that you know of. It is good for you to know that when you have lived in other lives you have been part of these civilisations, and you know some of their names.

It is good for you to know that Atlantis is one of them. Atlanteans were very much in touch with crystalline energy – energies that were found in the earth that they used in order to cultivate energy on Earth, and they powered many things with crystal energy. They were also very much aware of the connection between spirit and matter and they were literally able to materialise things out of thin air. The Atlanteans had a lot of knowledge and understanding about using energy in order to make things happen on Earth. They understood that everything exists in spirit and that they are able to materialise it from thin air by attuning into it, and then using crystalline energy to empower it being created on Earth. They were also able to invent many devices that helped them in their day-to-day lives, to stay grounded on Earth, to stay full of light and energy. They knew a lot about healing as well, using sound devices, and also they were able to correct imbalances in this way. Finally, they were also very good at being in the spirit by using different ways of creating energy to elevate themselves above the earth, so they would energise their matrix – their matrix of light, and in this way they would be lifted above the earth, they would feel good inside as the negative vibrations on Earth were transmuted. It was one of the ways they were able to stay grounded and yet in the spirit, because they transmuted negativity in different ways – with crystals, with sound, and with different devices. That is all.

I would like to speak also about other civilisations that have existed. Lemurians were very good with working with sound as well, but they were not as well-versed at using crystalline energy to create energy. What they specialised in was sound frequencies that they attuned to in order to bring about balance, harmony, and peace. They also knew a lot about ways of being that cultivated tranquility and wellness for everybody. They had a lot of knowledge – but it was a different type of knowledge, it was more about using the spirit in order to transcend the earth plane, to feel good. It is a type of knowledge that people do have nowadays that has been passed down generation after generation in different ways.

You also had other civilisations here on Earth – civilisations that believed in all sorts of things. Many of these civilisations were not fully of the light, because some of them believed in things which are not really aligning to the light of oneness. Black magic was certainly a part of some of these civilisations, but some of them were even attuning to other realms, which were more to do with the astral realms, where they brought down energies from these realms and they made things happen, but these frequencies were not so high.

I have one more thing to say, that a lot of you here at the moment on Earth have memories of living in other places, and these places inspire you, so remember to attune to the places that inspire you, and in this way you can receive knowledge and information that you can use in your day-to-day lives, and at the same time remember that the world you are living in at the moment is a different type of world, where you can really be there in the light, and also be in other places, receiving knowledge, information, and bringing it into your everyday lives. But the times you are living in now are very unique, because there is the potential for people to move forwards, but in a different kind of way, where they are fully enlightened and also living on the earth, without having to even transmute negativity, because they can have the type of lives which are fully in the light and generating light by simply being in those lives. It is good for you to also know that people were not more evolved in ancient times, but they simply had a different type of knowledge, but in this day and age people are equally evolved, it is just that the challenges are different – people have been living in a different way, but you are all equally evolved. That is all.

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