I would like to speak about creating abundance, and I would like you to know that abundance is very much about how you feel inside. When you feel that you are abundantly blessed with all that you need it becomes your reality. So the first stage of being abundant in life in terms of the material substance around you, for example, is to feel it inside, to know that you have everything you need, and if you do not have what you need and cannot feel it it is a process for you to get there, to get to a place where you are appreciating what you already have in your life, and this can be by simply focusing on what you do have and appreciating it.

Another way is to generate energy through some sort of spiritual practice where you are really then able to feel the abundance of life, and this can be through prayer, or through chanting, or through up some other kind of spiritual practice where you are attuning to the light of oneness in one way or another, and really feeling it inside, and then you will feel more abundant from inside as well.

It is also good for you to recognise that some of you carry very deep ancestral energies connected to poverty, to hardship, or you may have had lives like this, and then you will be attuning to very deep wounds in this area of your life. In these cases it is good for you to focus on where the wound comes from, and then put light into these places inside.

Remember, abundance is not so much about how much you have in your life of something at a certain point in time – it is more about how you feel inside, it is a feeling, and then through this feeling you attract more and more of whatever it is you would like. Remember this – remember to focus on the inside, to feel it first on the inside, and then you will attract it on the outside. So however you access this feeling it will ultimately bring you what you would like. That is all.

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