Some of you have felt quite victimised by life, by people, by circumstances – some of you feel like a victim inside – you don’t feel very empowered when it comes to all aspects of your life. You feel something is missing in you to be able to tackle life head-on, to cope with scenarios that make you feel that your life is out of your hands. For you I would like to share something that is very honest – brutally honest – and that is, it is important to turn all the parts of you which are very much in a victim state around, because if you don’t, what will happen is those parts will start to feel more and more persecuted, and will be your downfall in terms of moving forwards at the pace you would like.

Victimhood is not going to be supported in this day and age, and although there will be compassion for people who need it, those who choose to stay in victimhood mentality will no longer be supported. What I mean by victimhood is not what you may believe. What I mean by it is a refusal to be in a different state, holding on to scenarios you have created in your life, and you are not willing to change in any way.

I would like to share with you: the secret to moving out of victimhood is not to simply act, behave in a different way – because this may or may not work – but it is not really the answer if the energy behind the action remains the same. A lot of people who have felt victimised may believe that they need to stand up for themselves – speak up more – and although this may be the consequence of doing deep inner work it is not by simply doing this that you will find yourself feeling more empowered.

The answer is to get to the root of the feelings of victimhood. For a lot of people this is about abuse – about parts that are missing in them – paths that have been crushed by life in one way or another. It is to identify the source of this feeling, and to work with it – and when you do you will automatically feel more empowered. Even by acknowledging the source of your victimhood you will feel more personal power. What I will say is what you acknowledge no longer has power over you. It is something you are then able to work with, and life will bring you what you need to do this. You do not have to go looking for it.

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