You do not have to rely on other people all the time for your healing needs – a lot of healing can be conducted by you simply going inwards, clearing energy; by acknowledging it, by asking for certain themes to clear from your life. A lot of healing can be done by you asking, going to that part of yourself that is sovereign – that is part of the oneness in all ways – going into it, and asking for what you want, and asking for the clearings you would like. When you do this what happens is that the rest of you responds, because this part that commands certain things to happen has in one way or another the power to transform all other parts of you, and energy starts to respond according to what you ask for. The angels around you are also supporting this – coming in to help the process – and if you ask us to come in too, we can be there, and do even deeper work on you. A lot can be done by you, and then the parts which are very stuck you can go to other people for. I am saying this so you understand that not all healing is about having to be with the right people to get what you need – some healing is, but not all – a lot can be done by you alone.

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