The answer to this is to be able to go inwards and access a deep part of your being, where you are automatically connecting to the oneness, and through this you will be guided as to what to do – whether it is to make music, to say a mantra, or prayer, to dance even, or perhaps something else altogether.

Ultimately what creates energy is to be in the flow, in the cosmic flow – so energy is created by simply being in your own flow, and being guided. It is also important to be able to integrate this energy, and the best way of doing this is to give yourself time – to give yourself time to just be, not keep doing, but to be, to have the right balance between doing and being, creating and resting. And what I will say is large amounts of time in a resting state, where you are truly rested in the divinity within, is very good – it allows all the energy that you have created through prayer, through meditation, breathing practices, art, or any other way you have of creating energy – it allows it to integrate. When I speak of meditation, I mean to consciously go inwards and attune to the oneness, and consciously allow the light to be replenished by taking more in from the oneness, and after meditation it is about simply letting yourself be in this resting state, where the energy integrates.

I also want you to know that when you have the right balance between creating energy and then letting it fully sink in, you become unstoppable, because you will always have enough energy to do what you need to – you will have enough of everything inside of you to be able to keep going forwards effortlessly in life. One of the main problems people have is that they have been undernourished, and then they struggle – so people do need more rest generally. This new age is about doing less, being more, and when you do do things – doing it from a deep place of connection, where you are generating positive energy, and then integrating it into yourself, and letting your life flourish through the positive energy that you create. That is all.

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