What I will say is that there are people around who are able to be on the Earth and generate a lot of energy, and the way they do this is by attuning to the life force within them, and using it in order to generate more energy, such as being with people and giving out energy, and receiving it back, and amplifying their own energy that way. What I will say is that people get very good at this – using life force to create more energy, and one way of doing this is by attuning to your life force, and then being in the energy where you are with people, and trying to create more by sharing positive energy with each other, and the energy rises higher and higher, until eventually people feel elated to be each other’s company, and they do get to a point where they feel the oneness.

What I will say is that it is a particular path to enlightenment – they may not be aware of spirit, but they know that they can use their energy for good, or bad – to feel good, or feel not so good – they have learned over lifetimes to try to generate good energy, because it makes them feel good, and people like this are not necessarily aware of the spirit – they are not aware of the unseen world, the but they are certainly aware of what they feel, and how they can create good energy.

But what I will say is the drawback of this, is that there is a limitation here, because as soon as they feel that they are not able to be with people, or be in relationship to the world around them in a positive way, they get depressed – they feel that they cannot be in one way or another happy. These are the sort of people who are deeply affected when things shut down, like they have with this so-called pandemic – they get affected when earthly structures close down, when they are not able to gather and be with each other in a positive way.

What I will say is that there is something to be said for this, but really there is another path, which is all about being deeply in your own inner being, and generating energy from this place – by being in your own cosmic flow, not relying on outer circumstances, being in your own flow, doing what feels right, and finding your own way of creating energy. This is a way that many of you here know about, but what sometimes happens is that it isolates you from the world – you feel that you are not able to get along with people in the same way as others do. What I see is that it is ultimately about being able to go within, and then find your relationship with the world around you – relate to it in a positive way by sharing your gifts and allowing yourself to receive from others, and when you master this, your energy, your life force, will keep rising. I hope this makes sense – that a lot of inner work without an outer relationship with the world does make you have less energy, but at the same time being over-dependent on the outside world in order to generate positive energy leaves you in one way or another vulnerable to conditions externally, and people and their reactions towards you.

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