The answer to this question is yes, there is certainly a cosmic meaning, but that does not mean that everything is predestined because it is in the astrology. It means that certain influences are playing out at certain times in certain ways, that can be counteracted by going within, attuning to source. What I will say is ultimately source is able to clear anything that is in the way of things going in the right direction for you. Ultimately, by going within and being in source connection you can change the course of your whole life if you want to – you can even rewrite what you have agreed to do before you came into your physical form, you can make different choices. Some people actually rewrite their whole lives once they are incarnate, because they don’t feel happy with what they have chosen – but you have to do this by really going within, going to a deep place – not from a place of anger, frustration, feeling short-changed, but going to that place within you that is connecting to all that is, and from a deep level of your being making a different choice. It always works.

And what I will also say is some people have completely changed their lives by doing nothing else but this, and those people are the ones who are able to help people the most, because they have mastered something that is absolutely beyond anything else in its ability to make things happen. I am giving you this information so that you can go within and practice doing this – it will be an empowering experience for all of you.

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