I would like to speak about many different subjects in this video. This video is like a short introduction to many different subjects that may be of interest to you all. One of them is all about climate change – does it really exist, is it going on at the moment? What I will say is that climate is changing anyway, things are always changing on the Earth plane, nothing stays the same, and so what I will say is that pollution has very little to do with climate change, because things are really changing. The reason things change is because the Earth plane is made up of many different energies, and what happens is that over time everything is naturally changing, and so even the seasons are changing, in that what you consider a summer now is different to what summer used to be. It is a natural process that occurs over time, and it is like this, that every time something changes on Earth there is a feeling that it has not happened before, there’s something unusual is happening. However, the changes you are experiencing at the moment have occurred many times over. It is like this, that every time something is going to change you are pre-warned in one way or another, and so inside of all of you there is something that has always known this is going to happen. You have been warned by other generations even that this will occur, there have been predictions made that this will happen. It would be good for you to all go deeper into this, to investigate this on other levels, because what I would like you to know is that when you are here on the Earth plane, the Earth will always undergo changes, but they occur every now and again, not all the time, but every now and again, and at the moment is the time one of the changes is happening, and that is that literally the seasons are changing, their temperature is changing, that is all.

I would now like to speak about another subject of interest, and that is what is really going on with fossil fuels – are they running out, have they always existed and have they been tapped into so much that there will be nothing left soon? What I would like you to know is that fossil fuels really are not made from fossils at all, they are simply made under the Earth’s surface by materials coming together naturally. It is like this – that under the Earth there are many different types of substances to be found, and these materials are naturally found, and they are naturally being created all the time by different elements coming together. They are literally being recreated all the time, so what I will say is there is no such thing as fossil fuels, and there is no such thing as them running out, because the Earth is constantly generating more and more of these substances. That is all.

I would like to speak about other things, the subjects that are of interest to many people at the moment, the subjects that people are speculating on a lot. It is good for all of you to know that at the moment is a time of change generally in life on Earth, so a lot of things will naturally change. It is not really a time when things are falling apart; in fact it really is a time where things are coming together quite spontaneously nowadays. Their energies on the Earth have already shifted, and as a result many positive things are going on. The Earth is in fact regenerating itself because the people on the Earth plane are in favour of making changes generally for the betterment of humankind, and also for the Earth itself. It is good for all of you to know that in terms of environmentalism it is a very good time because people are generally interested in preserving the Earth rather than then destroying her, and she’s naturally coming back into her original form. It is good for all of you to focus on cutting down emissions in terms of helping her to be more healthy, but the type of emissions I mean are more for you to produce substances that are recyclable rather than to pollute her; to also be aware of your thoughts and feelings, to be generally less toxic as a race. But I do not see that flying abroad has a major impact on her; I do not see that having emissions from cars and vehicles has a major impact. It is generally good to cut down on toxic emission because it makes her life a lot easier, but it is not a major cause of concern. The biggest cause of concern is the amount of waste you are producing and putting under the Earth. It is good for you to generally make substances that can be recycled – substances that you use in your everyday lives. That is all.

I will speak now about one more major topic, and that is what is really going on in terms of the elite who are believed to rule the world – what is really going on there, is there such a thing as the sort of organisations that are literally trying to take over the Earth on all levels and wipe people out even. What I will say is that it is good to appreciate that there are many underground organisations, and by underground I mean undercover, and some of these are certainly trying to depopulate the Earth, some of these are certainly causing mass destruction, but what I will say is that they are not really a threat, because most people are more aware than they used to be, and there are people out there trying to make ways forwards for others – there are many people they were pioneering ways forwards. It is good to be aware of what is going on, and yes, there is a lot of destructive energy that is there, but the best way to deal with it is to be inspired by your source connection as to what you can do to make things better for everyone. It is good also for there to be whistleblowers, people to expose the corruption, but the real answer of course is to create alternatives – it is to attune to a higher vibration and bring this onto Earth through whatever you do best. That is all. Finally I would like to mention that when you are attuning to the Earth and the way things are here there are many things which are not right, but at the moment there are enough things which are in place to preserve the Earth – that is what I see, there are enough good things going on to serve as a counterbalance for everything else. That is all.

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