I would like to speak about depression and the root cause of it. It is good for you to know that depression is about how you feel from the inside – it is not about being put down by life, because although you may feel that you are unable to go forwards, when you are depressed it really is more about how you feel inside rather than the outside. So there is a difference between feeling depressed and actually being suppressed by life, which is a different matter, which needs a different approach. So when you are depressed, remember – it is a feeling, it is about what is going on inside, so in this way it needs to be addressed from the inside rather than the outside.

It is important to realise that depression comes from something that has occurred to you in this life or another life. There is always a connection with depression with the past. It is always about something that is affecting you inside, something that may have happened a long time ago, something that you may not even remember. Depression is very much about feeling disconnected from your true self, so at some point in your life or in another life there would have been a disconnect between your true self and who you are on the earth, something that has got disconnected either by circumstances or by something else that has deeply affected you inside.

Remember that when you are with your depression you are dealing with it, even if that is simply to be with it in a way where you are not able to function, do anything at all, you are at least acknowledging that this is your state, instead of trying to override it with other things that just make you feel worse. Remember that when you are depressed it is a very real state you are in, and it is indicating that’s something in you has got disconnected at some point, and it is when you work with this that you are able to heal yourself on a deeper level. This disconnect may be because of something that happened so long ago you have absolutely no recollection of it whatsoever. In such cases it is good for you to be in your spirit and to focus on the light, and see where this takes you. So you may notice that the light within you guides you to a therapist, or guides you to something else that will then eventually get you to the root course of your depression. Other than this you are able to work on it by remembering what it is that has created it in the first place, and looking for help with it.

Remember that depression does always come from somewhere. There is no such thing as depression that is simply inherited from your lineage, because even within this there will be something in the lineage that has created it. Stay very focused on finding the root cause of it and finding help to deal with it, whether it is a bereavement, whether it is something else – some form of trauma abuse that has happened in your life. Also remember that when you are with whatever has happened you are able to heal it by being present – be with your feelings, and as soon as you are with your feelings your depression will start to lift. So instead of you simply feeling that there is a lack of life within, you will start engaging with something, even if it is something very unpleasant you will at least be engaging, and in this way moving forwards.

Finally I would like you to know that some people stay depressed for a long time, and it is not really because they are unable to get to the source of it – it is more because they do not know what to do with the energy there, they really do not know what to do with it, and in such cases remember that there is help for you. It is good for you to know that there is help available to you, and in this instance stay focused on receiving help from the outside – ask for it inside and see what comes your way. That is all.

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