When you are in your own source connection what happens is that you automatically attract what you need in life to be fully well. So what I mean by this is that the source connection within you connects to all the beings who are in this energy, and the beings who are able to help you will come in to help you. What I’m really trying to say is that being in your own source connection, and being with higher beings, and working with them – it is all connected, because ultimately everyone who is in their connection to Source within will attract the help of beings who are in this place as well, who will come and share information to work on the energy, and they will do it without asking, because once you are in your source connection you are automatically connected up to these beings who are dwelling in this energy, and when they see something needs doing they do it, because when you are in your own source connection you are automatically communing with them on levels that you may not be aware of.

What I will say is that there is a way the whole universe is organised – so it is like this, that when you are fully in your own light you are automatically collaborating with other beings who are also in their own light, and when you are doing this you automatically communicate what needs doing, and it is done so if you are feeling depleted you will be given energy – you will receive energy, and higher beings will come and help restore your energy when you are doing something else, like helping someone – higher beings will come in to assist you, give you additional information and help, so you will always be collaborating with higher beings, whether you are in your source connection or not. I hope this makes sense. I would also like you to know that higher beings are always going to be a part of the way the universe is organised – they are always going to be around, and they will always be helping people, whether they consciously recognise it or not.

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