What I will say about this is that the soul is made up of everything you have ever experienced – it is like a record of what you have been through and what you are on all levels. What I will say about the soul is that it is something that does exist, that you are who you may believe yourself to be on the inside, that you are a soul and you have other parts of your soul that also exist. The soul is a mixture of many things – a mixture of all that you have learned across all lifetimes, a mixture of energies that you still need to transform, and energies which have already been transformed into the light of oneness. Your soul also contains information about who you are and where you are going.

What I will say is that the soul is very similar to what you may see yourself to be on the inside, which is a mixture of your essence – your divine essence – but also of experiences you have had, learnings, teachings you have to share. So what happens over time is that your essence is experiencing life, and through these experiences you grow in awareness – you grow in your understanding of life, you grow in your ability to be able to serve, and this is what your soul develops over time – it develops knowledge, experience, expertise, that it shares with other parts of your soul. Your soul is then able to collaborate with other souls and make a bigger difference on the Earth.

Your soul is also very individuated in that you have a direct experience of it on the Earth plane – you feel it within you, you feel it and what it has experienced. Finally you are also able to purify your soul by going within, attuning to the light within, and allowing this to transmute any negativity, any bad experiences, and as you do this your soul becomes lighter and clearer, and more full of knowledge and wisdom, rather than pain and suffering.

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