There are many steps – one way is to really go deep into the root cause and clear it using deep energy work, working with more cosmic energy in order to get to the root – this is one way that may not be quick on all levels, but it certainly will work eventually. What I see is that when you work with the root of a problem and are consistent you always eventually clear it, as long as you approach the problem in the light of oneness – bring the light and let the light give the answers. Another way is to go into a 12-step program, which has been proven to work for many people. Another way is to explore using types of medicine that come from the Earth – plant medicine has helped many people with addiction issues. Finally it could be a good idea to let go of trying to fix the problem, and focus on being more grounded in your spirit, and by this I mean to replace the problem you have with an answer, a solution, so when you are in an addiction, to look at what you really need and give yourself it. Some people have tried this – so they replace the thing they are addicted to with something else that nourishes them on a deeper level, and although this may not solve the problem initially it eventually can, because what you give yourself is something more deeply nourishing that then is going to have an impact on your energy, and over time it will clear up the problem. So I will give an example – that if you are addicted to eating, if you have a problem with food and eating in order to comfort yourself, you can replace the food with something else, like giving yourself some time to be nourished in another way, by having a bath, or by receiving something from someone, asking someone to give you a massage or some help. If you get in the habit of replacing what you are addicted to with an alternative you will eventually start doing this automatically, and this alternative must always be something that is more deeply nourishing, and as your body is more nourished by this alternative you will start to become in one way or another not even in need of the replacement. I hope this makes sense. Finally, for some people one way is to actually do something else altogether, which is to take themselves away from everyday life and be in a controlled environment with people supervising them and guiding them, so that they are completely able to free themselves of the addiction, and this is really needed in extreme cases.

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