What I see is that the subtle body is made up of many layers, and it is important to make sure that you are protecting your energy from negativity, so that you can stay in a lighter vibration. One way to protect yourself is by using affirmations – using affirmations that create a positive vibration around you – for example, affirming that you are protected, safe, and well, that things are good in your life, that good things come to you, that there is nothing that is in your life that will do you harm. As you affirm these things you automatically attract positive life experiences, and where you don’t, it is because there is something in you that does not believe it on all levels, and you can clear out negative beliefs as they come up. Another way is to use sacred sound – to use sound to purify your subtle energies, and one of the best ways is to immerse yourself in the natural world, to surround yourself with nature, and really become one with it, and in this way you are then automatically being purified by the natural world, which is very positive, which has a lot of life force. That is all.

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