I believe a good diet for now it’s generally to be vegan for one reason – because a vegan diet offers you all that you need without you taking in heavier substances, which are full of chemicals, and which are hard to digest for many people. I also would like to share with you that animal protein in particular is very contaminated – but not only with artificial substances, but also it has a lot of negative energy, because the farming industry is very toxic. Generally, avoid animal produce; generally, stick to a lighter diet, a plant-based diet – a diet that offers you everything you need nutritionally without it containing heavier substances, which are heavily contaminated.

I also would like to share with you one more thing – that when you are having a lot of fruit in your diet it is good for you – it raises your vibration to a certain point, but it is also good to balance this out with other types of foods that give you more grounding, and when you get the balance right this is pretty much ideal.

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