There are many people in the world at the moment who sometimes feel neglected, because of their own inner feelings of neglect from lifetimes ago, including this one. What I want you to know about neglect is that it is an energy that affects many people, and when people feel neglected, what they tend to do is look inside and try to find a way forwards – but those people who are not very good at identifying that it is neglect try to go forwards without asking for help. They believe that they have to find the resources from themselves, do what they can to help themselves, and what happens then is that it becomes more compounded, this neglect. What I want all of you to know is that healing neglect is all about going within, seeing what is missing, acknowledging that what you need isn’t there, and then asking for it to come in, rather than depending on yourself fully.

I want you to know that self-reliance is a very misunderstood concept – it is about going within, acknowledging what is there within, what is missing, what your traumas are, acknowledging what you are having to deal with, and then you can ask for what you need – so it is about taking responsibility for what is there and what is not there, but then asking and knowing that it will be brought to you in through life. I want you to know that those of you who are used to fending for yourself will have to go deeper and find more of what you really need by acknowledging what is not there – acknowledging what is missing, and feeling the pain for a short time, and then asking for what you need. I am saying this because as you do this, your life will bring you more and more of what you would like.

I have a final message about this, and that is neglect and being short-changed in life are two energies that go together, and when you often feel short-changed, it is because of neglect, and as you go deeper this will heal.

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