I believe Latin is a special language, but it is not of the angelic realm, or resonating to it – but it is a language that is very much about being in a certain energy, which is of being able to directly translate other languages, and what I mean by this is that it does form the basis of many other languages. It is like a seed language – it is not particularly of the spirit, but it does give one the ability to understand many other languages, terms, and ways of expressing things, and through this it gives you the ability to understand many more things on the Earth plane. What I will say about Latin is that it is a very old language – it is a language that does have spiritual energy in it, but not because of the language itself, but more because it has certain phrases, expressions, which really have a lot of information in them – so you can have a word in Latin to express something that you would not normally be able to express easily in other languages. I hope this makes sense – it certainly can give you a lot of understanding about the Earth plane, but I do not see much spiritual energy in the language itself. That is all.

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