I would like you to know that the way I see it is that there are many ways of manifesting and one way is to be aware that everything you need is here in this moment, to walk with this awareness. Also it is important to consider that everything you need in your life will come to you automatically, so it is not really a case of needing to create but more a case of needing to embody an awareness that what you need will come automatically, and there will be parts of you but do not have this awareness – parts of you which have become slightly disconnected from this awareness.

There is something about life that has a natural flow to it. Life happens automatically – it is not a case of needing to make life happen, it is a case of being able to go with the flow, and there will be parts of you which will be stuck, parts of you that need healing with the light of oneness. What I see is that it is very important to work on these parts to keep moving forwards, to keep going in your work when it comes to embodying the light, and when you feel disconnection there will be a way of reconnecting, and it is good for you to explore various healing tools, techniques, ways of reconnecting back to the light of oneness.

I have more messages about manifesting what you would like. Remember that what you are really trying to do in this lifetime is be fully in an energy where you are recognising that the divine source of all things has you well-considered in all ways, that you are already taken care of. You are considered, and what I would like you to keep going forwards with is the idea that your needs are met and taken care of before you even realise you have them – they are taken care of. It is good for you to keep working with this, embodying this and also taking steps to find out where you are tripping up in yourselves.

I would like to say more, and what I would like to remind you is that the messages I am giving are meant for you to hear, and also to be in an energy where you are receiving what we are saying on other levels, so as you hear our words we would like you to meditate with us to feel the energy inwardly, to really feel it and be aware that this transmission is more about receiving a direct transmission of energy that will heal you of all the discrepancies between you and source when it comes to creating the lives you would like. Remember that our transmissions are very much about us giving you energies that will help you. Yet there is a difference between receiving knowledge and energy transmissions, and when we give transmissions it is almost like we are given a dispensation, a way that you are able to completely bypass old ways of being and living and come into a new realisation – something that you embody instantaneously because you are really receiving it energetically as well. What I would like you to know is that as I speak I am giving you something that you can really take with you forwards.

When you are receiving this remember that you will be completely able to recognise what we are saying inside as we say it when you are in a state where you are creating something from afresh, realise that what you are creating is already in existence – it is there in the ether, it already exists and what you are simply doing it’s bringing the existence from the ether into physical reality. So what you must do is be with this energy in the ether, recognise that it already exists – it is already there for you, and then any obstructions in your physical being between what is in the ether and what you are going to be creating will come to light. So as you try to create something you may find that all your fears come up, and because they are coming up to be released into the light.

Also I would like you to recognise that there are no shortcuts to manifestation. When it comes to embodying the vibration of what you are creating it is important to recognise that you really must embody the vibration of what you would like in order for it to come into being permanently on the earth plane, so it is good for you to sit regularly in meditation in attunement with what you would really like in life, and know it is already there for you in the ether, that you are already in it in all ways.

I have one more message and that is before anything comes into the fullness of being there is a time where you are feeling it has already happened, and this is a sign that it will come into being shortly. That is all.

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