What I will say is that it is about being able to work shamanically, by being trained or training yourself. What it takes is an ability to journey, to go within, to work with different elements – so one way is to bring in different Earth elements, combine them together, and then place them in your body energetically, and ask that they purify every cell in your body of toxic substances, dissolve the toxicity, and then ask that you are made completely clear as well of anything else affecting you energetically.

What I will say is that one way is to do this is by going very deep and journeying, asking for this to happen, and seeing it happen – actively bringing in Earth elements to do it, and also working with the breath to cleanse yourself at the same time. But the real way shamanically to do it universally is actually to really be working with substances of the Earth – so what I mean by this is that you are able to actually take in certain substances to detoxify the body – so journeying is one way, but actually taking in substances that are in the location you live in is one of the quickest ways of cleansing your body, so according to where you live, looking for detoxifying substances and taking them in. I will say really that this is the original way of cleansing the body shamanically.

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