I believe the best instruments to use are those that have a resonant frequency with the divine, and those that have frequencies that are also resonating to the physical form and different energy bodies – so a combination of both. So, for example, certain instruments really have a very high vibration/sound to them, and they are really in harmony with source, they have very powerful effects on people, help them to go much higher in their spirit, elevate them, and this elevated state enables them to access source, which then automatically heals them physically/emotionally/on other levels, and then there are certain instruments that have a direct resonant frequency with different parts of the body/organs/energy bodies – they have very precise frequencies that perfectly match the other parts of the person, and then what happens is when these instruments are played, they are automatically then enabling those parts to come back into harmony. So these instruments are ones that tend to have slightly different sounds – they are perhaps a bit deeper, or perhaps played in a very specific way in terms of being on a certain scale. What I will say is that really, many instruments can be used for this type of work, but it is all about getting things right, so when you are working with the physical body you have to really get the frequencies right. That is all.

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