The best ray for receiving information is a ray you may not be familiar with – it holds a lot of light, and light carries information. It is a ray that is connected very strongly to the ray of oneness, the ray of truth, the ray of pure light, wisdom, and within this compassion as well. It is a colour that is quite unusual, but it does have a distinct shade – it is a mixture of white, but it also has other elements within it of a substance, which is rather golden, and liken to speckles of gold dust, and then it also contains other elements within it, of other colours sprinkled in. So it is primarily white, with other colours, with some gold in it, which represents the unity/oneness between all beings, and then it has speckles of other colours – all other colours in it. What I will say is that it has a very particular ray, and it really is full of a lot of light, and one way of knowing the truth about a situation you are in is by attuning to it, bringing it down into your body, and then putting the situation in front of you and letting it be infused with this ray for a few moments, and then allow clarity to spontaneously come to you. That is all.

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