What I will say is that God is very different to what you may have been taught. God is a very simple concept on one level, but God is also something that has to be experienced to really be known. So in a conceptual sense I can say God is all that is – it is bound within you, it is you, and it is the people around you. God is in life, in all of life, and God is also existing beyond life. So God is something vast, expansive, all that is in essence – all that has ever been, and all that ever will be. God is beyond time and space, God is here in existence, but God is also not in existence, and is still coming into form, and yet already here.

What I will say about God is that God will be always there, whenever you are in one way or another wanting to connect, when you are not in this energy you will experience yourself as a separate being – you will feel cut off, like there is something that is not met in you by the rest of life – but when you are connected to God you will always be met by life, you will feel seen and heard, there will be a connection to the rest of life, there will be a connection to something beyond life. What I’m really trying to say is that really God is beyond words, but at the same time something quite simple to understand it. God will always be here, but what I will say is that it is important to recognise that the path to finding God within will be a rocky road for everyone, because everyone has parts to themselves that have become fragmented, that have layers of trauma, layers of pain that protect them from connecting to God, because they have become afraid, believe they are alone in some way. There is always going to be disconnection in life, and it is to heal this disconnection, to merge with God again, with all that is, with something that is beyond time and space, and something that is also here at the same time. I hope that I have explained this well.

I will also say when many people ask what/who God is, and what we say to them is that God can be found in many people, many places, experienced in many different ways, but ultimately God is all of these things – God is not one of these things, but all of these things put together, and most people have not had the experience of this, of having a full experience of God in all ways, on every level of their being. Most people will not have this experience – only a few people will get to this place where they are able to experience God in fullness. You are often attuning to an aspect of God, an aspect of source, but you are not necessarily connecting it all together, and this connection happens once you have mastered your own aspect of source that you are in one way or another here to express, and after that you are able to start merging with other aspects and start getting a bigger picture of what God is.

I hope I’m making sense. A lot of what I’m sharing is really beyond where you are all at, and I say this not because you are not high in your spirit, but because humanity is generally not there yet – you are not ready to have a fuller understanding of God. Every enlightened master is expressing their aspect of divinity, but they are not necessarily merging with all that is. Some people are, but not many, and what I will say is to merge with all that is is a big job, and first you have to really get to know yourself – your own aspect of divinity. A lot of what you are asking is really very very deep, it has many layers to it, and it is something that we are able to speak upon for a long time, but it would not necessarily help you on a practical level in this moment. That is all.

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