I will say that one of the best ways to restore the body is through energy work. What I will say is that according to the surgeries you have had you will have different needs. In your case I will say your need is to go deep into the pain behind the surgeries, and ask that this is dissolved away, and then to allow the effects of the surgery to automatically be cleared by attuning to it, and allowing the body and being to fully heal by giving it what it needs, asking the question – “what do I need to fully recover?” – you will find that on different days you will receive a different answer. Sometimes you may be guided to do something physical, like place something over it that has a particular herb, or a particular type of substance on it, so you may be guided to put something warm on it, that has a soothing substance, an essential oil, or a castor oil pack, or sometimes a combination of herbs that you place on it, and put a hot water bottle on. What I will say is that it will be different on different days.

There is also such a thing as recovering from surgery by actually allowing yourself to thoroughly rest on a very deep level, going into states where you are zero-pointing your whole being, and one way of doing this is to really go into an altered state in some way – perhaps some form of hypnotherapy, where you deeply relax every part of your body, and allow it to automatically heal, take every cell of your body into zero point – a zero point state, and allow your body to heal this way. One more way is to be in nature, to lie on the Earth, and allow the grace of nature to fully restore your body, the energy of the land to work on you to fully heal you. That is all.

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