I believe the answer to this is to remember that you do have free will, and when you are using this in order to go forwards in a way where you believe you have to do everything yourself, this is what happens – that you really do have to make things happen yourself, but when you are in the energy of knowing that you are provided for in another way, then what happens is this automatically becomes so. What I will say is that there is a big difference between walking forwards in your egoic self and your higher self – the best way to be able to fully trust the source is to let go of what you believe you have to do for yourself by force, and let it go and trust in a way where you are literally putting your hands in the air and saying that you are willing to fully let go of any preconceived ideas you may have about how you will make something happen, and see what automatically feels right in each and every given moment, and flow with it – to have made your decisions about what you want, and then let go and let the universe guide you. It is about being in the moment, flowing with what feels good in the moment, and trusting that ultimately what you want will happen, and it will happen perhaps in a way that you do not expect. That is all.

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