What I would like you to know is that your higher self is given information by higher beings, and then you are assimilating this and moving forwards. I also would like you to know that this is not the same as directly communicating with higher beings – so there is such a thing as accessing the consciousness of higher beings and allowing them to communicate to you, whereas your higher self is the part of you that is connecting to all that is, and this is the part of you that you will feel as yourself, but on a higher level – but when you are talking to a higher being than you, the energy will feel different – you will feel a bigger energy come into your orbit that is more than you – an expansion in yourself, and you will feel there is another energy around. I hope this makes sense – so it is different, and you will learn to notice the difference over time as you practice both communicating to your higher self and with higher beings.

What is the best way of accessing your higher self and having a dialogue with it?

I believe the answer to this is that when you are talking to your higher self, it is a communication that is coming from within you in a way where it is your energy, but another part of it. For people who are not able to access their higher selves easily it can be because their energy is not very developed in this aspect, where they have not really focused on this part of themselves, so energetically they are not developed there. So your higher self is ever-present, but it may not really have been in one way or another highly developed energetically, in that it is a bit depleted in energy, so when you try to connect, the energy is not there.

The best way to energise this part of you is to sit in meditation, allow yourself to be filled with the light of oneness from source, connect to source, and allow yourself to be filled with this light. Another way is to go to places where there is a lot of light, where you can bathe in this energy. For people who have a well-developed higher self, they automatically plug into it on a daily basis, without even trying, and the more connected you are, the easier it can be to navigate through life. That is all.

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