The answer to this is that Atlantis was located in several places – it was not only in one place, because what has happened over time is that there has been a shift in the way the Earth is organised, so what I will say is that it was located in several places, which have now separated out.

I believe the best way of getting an accurate gauge of the precise location is to be very much in the spirit that is all about where the energies are on the Earth – where they are still grounded, because what I will say about the precise location is that it was quite enormous. Atlantis was a very big place, and then what happened to this place is that there was some problem, and the whole place was destroyed, and the place was in one way or another then completely shattered into different places that were then scattered around the globe. So what I will say is that when you go within you will get a sense of where these places are. I hope I’m making sense – it is hard to explain, but what we see is that Atlantis was one place, and then there was an explosion of some kind, and it was literally shattered into smaller pieces that eventually were lodged in different places around the Earth, and the energy of Atlantis went as well, the energy was dissipated, and then what happened is that certain places had certain remnants of Atlantis there. It is good for you to know that there are many people who believe Atlantis is located somewhere in the ocean, underground, but I will say that it is located in several places around the world – that parts of it are in different places.

I have one more message about this, and that is when you are very in harmony with yourself inside, you may get a sense of some of these places – you will get a good idea, and what we will do is confirm to you the places from within. That is all.

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