Survival issues


Includes a text transcript


  • Time of assimilating new energies and clearing old ones
  • Your state determines success, not action
  • Stillness, silence is important at the moment
  • A lot of movement in the world, playing a part
  • Going deep into the pain body, issues around survival
  • The base chakra is being cleared collectively on a deep level


  • Life and death issues
  • Issues with having material resources
  • Feeling unable to stay on Earth
  • Having an illness, disease
  • Negative external energies
  • Having to fixate on survival issues
  • Transmissions of light
    • Feeling all your physical needs are met + contract
    • Feeling safe on Earth
    • Being able to transcend anything

Closing messages

  • Everything you’re processing other people have lived through
  • There is always a reason for meeting someone
  • Every person here is a light worker – getting free from mundane concerns

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