Choosing what you want


Time to fine-tune your lives
You’re responsible to create your life
Letting go of obligation and disappointment


  • Areas where you’re resisting the flow of life – feeling obligated to help, sabotaging yourself, being underserving
  • Ancestral patterns – feeling wrong for wanting things, moral/ethical beliefs, disapproval of going against the grain
  • Dark religious ties in the lineage – sacrifice
  • Being told something’s not for you
  • Having to be a certain way – always meet basic needs, not get hopes up, be ambitious, believe in change, hard work, unable to be carefree, seeing worrying as good, keeping head down, life being about sacrifice for the greater good
  • Life being unfair, others being preferred, being excluded and not matter
  • Past lives, being unable to have what you want, trapped, persecuted – being stuck in survival mode
  • Taking on family energy to compensate


  • Stay connected to what you want
  • Lighthearted approach to life – step out of being relied on, being part of a whole

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