Your lives are changing
Rearrangement on all levels
Problems arising externally
Shadow coming up


Core wounding
Family members – past lives, karmic debt, themes taken on

Karmic relationships – family
  • Learning to stand in your power
  • Letting go of family members not on the same path
  • Being unable to fully understand each other, needing to step away
  • Bringing spirit into the family
  • Clearing away past life karma
Relationships you’re attracting on a soul level
  • Tendency to save/rescue others
  • Lacking discernment
  • Being overly dependent
  • Trying to fix problems on Earth
  • Not being in your own power
Dynamics in everyday life
  • Feeling not in control – problems, neglect
  • Feeling less than
  • Something not being right
  • Feeling alone in life

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