Breaking down old ways of being


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Being ambassadors of the light
Be prepared to always go deeper
Communicating your needs
Finding a precise match for what you need on a soul level
Deeper roots of issues
Letting go of attachments
Looking for a good feeling in life


  • Being indoctrinated to desire certain things
    • Negative contracts, code of conduct
    • Total freedom from social indoctrination – new contracts
  • Energies that are not your own
    • Transmission – being a pure channel of the energies you need; new contract
  • Energies from people in your life
  • Bringing in support – new contract
  • Malicious energies
    • Transmission – always being free from malevolent sources; new contract

Changes in life bring you greater healing
Importance of doing inner work
Keeping both in balance

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Messages from the group

Communicating your needs to others

My second message is that no one here is really that good at always communicating their needs to others. What you may be good at is communication generally – you may even be good at expressing your feelings – but there is a difference between expressing how you feel, and what you need. And when I am speaking on this subject, I am not speaking about needs which are mundane – but deeper needs, such as, for example, the need to feel that you are really held by life and people around you, or the need to be able to feel that you are able to be in your own energy fully and completely, without others interfering. Needs are not necessarily the same as things that you believe that you are in need of in order to be well, but they are about things which are deeper, which are really very much about things that you need on a very primordial level, which is actually beyond any material expression, or physical expression.

So I will give an example here. So, for example, it may be that you believe that you need someone to be fully present for you, so that you can feel heard and seen. But actually, underneath this, the deeper need may actually be to feel really held by something larger, something bigger, something that can really contain everything that you are experiencing in that moment. And when you go deeper, and you are in touch with that need and express it, it means that the person you are, in one way or another, with in that moment, is able to actually go deeper with you, and find that quality. Because what I am actually seeing is that there are sometimes missing parts to what you express – things that actually then start to feel like demands to others, or feel that they have to meet you in a certain way, which they may not be able to. But when you go deeper and actually feel the precise energy you need, and feel it more as an energy, as something that is more primordial, rather than fixed in a certain expression in earthly terms, it is an energy that others can actually attune to, and what can happen is the person or people in front of you can access that from their own connection to the Light, that energy configuration, and then they can express it in their own personal way to you.

I hope I am making sense – what I’m really trying to say is that I am seeing this is relevant for all of you, actually, to go a bit deeper with what you actually need, to not get fixated on what you believe you need, what the earthly expression should be, how perhaps you have seen it expressed for other people in their lives, but to really go deeper, and become more of a primordial being at times, where you actually feel the deeper need on a level that is beyond the mind, and beyond anything else that you may be telling yourself at the time. When you are doing this, there is such a thing as people who are in front of you becoming instruments of the Divine, receiving what they need, so they can be what you need them to be. I hope I am making sense, but what I am really speaking about is going beyond earthly configurations of energies that are very primordial, that people are, in one way or another, receiving from a Higher Source. And when you are really going deeper, you will find that actually your needs are met quite easily, because within the primordial level of needs there are actually many different ways that these needs can be met by life – so many different ways – when you let go of structures, precise earthly configurations, when you go deeper, and really feel the essence of what it is you need.

A lot of what I am saying will make sense to you when you are attuning to it, and it is a bit like being a good parent, that there are many good parents in the world, and each one will have a different parenting style, but each good parent will be able to fulfil the needs of their children, because it is actually an energy that they are attuning to. And even if their style is different to another parent, when the energy is right, there will be something that is received, even if the children they are parenting are very different to each other. So that is what I’m speaking about – speaking about the essence of what is needed by someone, and because of this, you will then be able to receive what you need in many different ways, through many different people, in many different flavours, and some flavours you may like more than others, but you will find that each flavour will give you something, and you will be able to appreciate all the different flavours in time. And as you start to go deeper, it is almost like you become more sensitive to what the essence is behind what someone is giving, expressing.

I have one more thing to say about this, and that is there is no one in the world who will be able to be a precise match, always, to what you would prefer on a human level. There is nobody who will be able to do this. But actually, there are many people who will be able to be a precise match to what you deeply need on a soul level, and that is the place to focus – it is a place where you are able to actually receive a lot of information about what it is you are actually looking for.