Moving forwards consistently


Embracing the pain body
Clearing away confusion/self-doubt, feeling deeper parts of yourself
Survival needs, needing others, feeling something’s missing
Sustaining yourself without needing others, being in the right place at the right time, expansion
Time for yourself vs standing out from the crowd – being met on every level
Angels on Earth – stepping forward, inspiring others


  • Resisting the flow of life
  • False beliefs – depleting yourself, sacrificing something, problems on Earth
  • Past lives – negative forces sabotaging light, the evil eye, family lineages
  • Ancestral energies
  • Confusion, self-doubt
  • False beliefs – unable to see clearly
  • Something going wrong, getting influenced by external energies
  • Self-doubt
  • Resistance to going deeper – distractions, keeping going; fear, getting caught up in a loop
  • Recognising deeper needs


  • Going forwards consistently soon
  • Going deeper

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