Past life energies tying into your childhood years


Having a part to play in a more subtle way
Many changes in life, people feeling lost and trapped
Use your downtime well
Allowing what is meant to be to happen


  • Feeling unable to be who you are – retrieving soul, power loss
    • Bringing in energies to support you moving forwards
  • Being affected by negativity, hostility from others; persecution
    • Positive energy to restore you
  • Energies that are not right for you
    • Strong definition of who you are
  • Being unable to express yourself clearly
    • Supportive energies
  • Problems with abundance, resources; poverty getting in the way of purpose
    • Energies of infinite abundance, positive contracts
  • Being disconnected from life
    • Supporting fully reconnecting with life
  • Negative though forms, entities, spirits that infiltrated you
    • Positive frequencies

Your clearings are helping many people

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